Recipients of the service

All students and post graduates training students are entitled to a University email address in this form:

 <UniGePASS Usename>>

The service is free and is active throughout the whole course and for three other years.

Your university email address is used for all the communications and information related to your university life, during and after your course.

You can set up this email address in either one of these two ways:

  1. Forward your incoming mails to a personal email address, or:
  2. Associate this address to a mailbox provided by us.

1) Forward your emails to a personal email address

During the registration process, it is possible to indicate a personal email address to be used for email forwarding. In this case, both the email addresses  <your_identification_number> and <your_username> will be fowarded to your personal email address (ie, you can forward the email messages received to and to your personal email o

Any time you like, it is possible for you to change the personal email address you forward you emails to, or activate your mailbox, from this page.

Also, if you set up the email forward, be careful that your provider spam rules don't consider the emails coming from us as spam.

2) Associate your UniGe email address to a UniGe mailbox

The email address can be associated to a new mailbox provided by UniGe.

The webmail service can be reached at this page:

To login, you have to use your UniGePASS credentials.

You can also check your messages using your favorite email client, both on your PC and on your smartphone.

Configuration guides:

Protocol Incoming server
Port/encryption Outgoing server
IMAP 143/TLS o 993/SSL 465/SSL o 587/TLS
POP3 110/TLS o 995/SSL 465/SSL o 587/TLS
Email clients

Ms Outlook


Mozilla Thunderbird


Apple Mail



If you need assistance, please contact the Service Desk.