With your set of UniGePASS credentials (username & password) you can access a wide range of University services such wifi network, webmail, AulaWeb and many others. A more through list of services based on UniGePASS credentials is available here.

In order to comply to the European privacy laws it is important that you adhere to the following rules:

    1. Change the password you have been given at your first login. Then, change your password at least every 6 months.
    2. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long.
    3. Passwords should contain at least 3 special characters, one upper-case letter and one lower-case letter, and one character should be a numerical digit.
    4. The new password should always be different from the last 4 passwords used in the past.
    5. Don't use a series of identical characters or groups of repeated characters.
    6. Passwords are for personal use only and shall not be transferred or shared with others.
    7. Passwords shall not be based on personal information or other information attributable to the user.
    8. Passwords shall not be based on names, birthdates, animals, items or words derived from dictionaries (foreign or domestic).
    9. Passwords shall not be the same across other web services.
    10. Passwords shall not be stored in automatic login systems or in web browsers.
To change your UniGePASS password: https://unigepass.unige.it/cambio.php
To recover your UniGePASS password: https://unigepass.unige.it/recupero.php
Usernames can't be changed but can be recovered at the same page above.

If the recovery e-mail address or mobile number are outdated, non-existent or otherwise invalid, you need to send an email to the Service Desk - please write to help@studenti.unige.it if you are a student, or assistenza@unige.it if you are a staff member or a teacher - specifying your name, surname, matriculation number (if known),  a copy of your identity document, and your (Italian) mobile number or your personal e-mail address (which will be used to complete the recovery procedure).